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Congratulations you have taken the first step towards eliminating unwanted habits, fears and phobias, quitting smoking, controlling weight, letting go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions that have held you back.

Cherwell Hypnotherapy - Cate GillettCate Gillett (Formerly Hayden) Dip Hyp. Hypnosis & NLP Practitioner

I am a member of The United Kingdom Hypnotherapy Association and trained by Freddy Jacquin Dip hyp BHA at the United Kingdom Hypnotherapy Training College. I practice in Banbury, Oxfordshire. I will also travel to venues for group bookings. Having hypnotherapy changed my life so much that I had to be able to do for other people what it did for me.

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Fears & Phobias

Fear of spiders. Clean out that cupboard under the stairs without the fear of a spider landing on your head.

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Stress & Confidence

In this busy world we all go through times of stress whether at work or personal.

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