About Cate

About Cate Gillett (Formerly Hayden) Dip Hyp. Hypnosis & NLP Practitioner

I am a member of The United kingdom Hypnotherapy Association and trained by Freddy Jacquin Dip hyp BHA at the united Kingdom Hypnotherapy Training College. I practice in Banbury and Oxford. I will also travel to venues for group bookings.  Having hypnotherapy changed my life so much that I had to be able to do for other people what it did for me.

Feeding The Ducks – Journey Through Fear

Planning my route with military precision, rehearsing it in my head…over and over, contingency plan at the ready. Would I get to my destination without it happening! That awful thing that makes my heart pound, as if it’s coming out of my chest. My pulse intensifies all over my body. Palms sweating, the urge to lash out, to run. I must keep it under control. I can do it, I can! I can!

Then it happens, all this – and the uncontrollable scream that comes from the pit of my stomach, getting louder. That’s it – all control lost.. I grab whoever I’m with – or passing strangers. Then I run. Oh that awful feeling of embarrassment – looks and tuts of passersby and there’s always that one that says ‘they won’t hurt you’. Oh my nightmare, a phobia, a fear of birds or ornithophobia as its technically known. This may sound ridiculous, absurd or even funny, but for the phobic person it’s intense and devastating.

With help I have overcome this and got my life back. Let me tell you how. After a long drive on a hot and sunny day I walked into Freddy’s office, my husband accompanied me ‘this won’t work’ I said to him, ‘just give it a go’ he replied. So I sat down, Freddy asked me to close my eyes and relax. He talked and I listened and used my imagination as he asked. I could hear everything and still felt normal, after about half an hour I thanked him and left. I said to my husband ‘that didn’t do anything, I wasn’t hypnotised’ my husband disagreed saying ‘you have never sat so still or been so quiet’.

Two days later without a thought of how I was getting to my destination, there I was – what freedom! How easy it was. As I stood feeding the ducks with my two year old granddaughter completely free of the fear, I am eternally grateful to Freddy Jacquin (Hypnotherapist) he gave me my life back. (Thanks Freddy).

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